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The Amount Of Milk That Your Babies Is Taking.

baby milk feeding


One of the more usual doubts that have the new parents is about the amount of milk that their babies are taking. As the babies couldn’t talk, we never know if they are still hungry when they finish the bottle.


Some of the questions we wonder regarding this issue are:


How can I know if my baby is eating enough? This is easy to answer. If the baby cries, eats and calms down, the baby is eating enough.

Am I giving the baby too much infant formula? If the answer is yes, it is not a problem. Perhaps the baby spits up, and in the next food intake, he or she would eat less amount.


What happens if I give my baby less amount than he or she needs? The baby will cry, and the next time you feed him or her, he or she will be anxious and eats fast. This anxiety and hurry could cause the baby stomach ache.


Anyway, if you have doubts regarding the health and the feeding of your baby, don’t hesitate to ask your health provider. He or she is the person that better can help you.