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Twin Baby Sleeping Schedule, Routine, & Co-bedding.

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Although you can’t believe it, having twins doesn’t mean that parents will not sleep again. Here you have some tips that will help you to get a good night of sleeping for everyone:


Get on a schedule: Creating a sleep schedule for babies is basic. The best is to get babies to bed at the same time every night, and when one of them wake up, wake the other up, too.


It’s a good way to get them on the schedule.


Create a bedtime routine. Consistency help babies to sleep, so stablish a bedtime routine that is good for you and your children. Bath, books and bed usually work for most little ones.


Think about co-bedding. Twins usually sleep better when they share crib, because they are used to be very lose one from the other in mummy’s womb.


Keep them in the same room. Around 3 months, babies will begin to move more and they will need they own space to sleep.


Put them on separate cribs, but keep them in the same room, where they can see each other.


Put them down drowsy, but awake. The goal is to teach them how to get themselves to sleep on their own.