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How We Could Prevent The Infant Gas?

infant gas


Usually, as parents, we wonder how we could prevent the infant gas. Babies could be gassy because they swallow a lot of air: when they suck the pacifier, or cry, or just eating.


When the babies have air trapped in their belly, they can feel uncomfortable and they cry, which worst the problem.


These easy tips can help you and your baby to avoid that the air gets trapped in his or her belly:


Check feeding position: the head must be higher than the stomach. In this position, the milk sink to the bottom of the stomach and the air goes top, so it is easier to burp.


Try to burp your baby during and after the food intake.


Change your baby bottle or nipple, or even the pacifier. There are specific models to prevent these problems.


Help the baby to work out the gas: gently massages, move his or her legs as if the baby is riding a bicycle when he or she is on his or her back or giving the baby time to be lied over the stomach (watching him or her all time) can help them to move the air and forget the problem.


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