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We Love Fruit. It’S Healthy, Fresh, Tasty, And It Gave Us A Lot Of Nutrients.

fruit healthy nutrients


In DANALAC, we love fruit. It’s healthy, fresh, tasty, and it gave us a lot of nutrients.


Pear is one of the first fruits that we use to offer to the babies because is one of the complete ones.


It has vitamins (vitamin C and folic acid, among others) and minerals (potassium), a great content in fiber and low calories. You can offer the baby the pear in pieces or mashed.


Besides, pear is one of the five fruits that are added to Fruit Baby Cereal DANALAC, together with apple, banana, pineapple, and orange.


These fruits, dehydrated, and not only added as flavor, is what you can find in our assortment of Baby Cereals with fruit, in combination with our mix of five grains, with or without milk.


DANALAC Baby Cereals help your baby to grow healthy and happy.