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Advice About Babies With Two Related To Feeding Your Baby.

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For last, but not least, we finish our review of the most outdated advice about babies with two related to feeding your baby.


– Surely, a well-meaning grandmother or aunt has told you that is critical to keep your baby on a strict feeding schedule.


But, today, we know that it’s better to feed on demand, nevertheless they are breastfeeding or formula feeding.


If you put your child on a feeding schedule, sometimes he may be too much hungry and other times, he will eat although he is full. A strict schedule may affect your baby’s inborn healthy-eating habits.


– Another thing that it is said very often is that putting rice cereal in your infant’s bottle will help him sleep.


The truth is that we must hold off on introducing solids until 6 months, and always following the pediatrician or nurse recommendations.


The early introduction of solids has been related with worse sleep habits and with obesity later in life.