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Your Baby's Favorite DANALAC Cereal - Danalac® Infant Formula, Baby Cereals, Baby Biscuits Manufacturing Company
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Your Baby's Favorite DANALAC Cereal
Your Baby's Favorite DANALAC Cereal
Your Baby’s Favorite DANALAC Cereal

In a lot of countries, cereals are the first food different from milk that is given to babies.


DANALAC Baby Cereals are an excellent choice because, at DANALAC, we use partially hydrolyzed cereals to help with baby’s digestion and it carries a natural and sweet taste.


Due to their wide range of flavors, surely you will find your baby’s favorite soon.


The moment of introduction of the complementary food depends on your pediatrician suggestion.


Don’t do the same that your mother, your cousin, or your friend has done.


Perhaps your baby has another development speed.


Probably your pediatrician tells you that you must start with gluten-free cereals and then, little by little, follow with the rest of cereals.


Remember that, in this stage of your baby’s growing, cereals are a complementary food and baby’s main food should be milk (breast milk or infant formula, as you prefer).