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Taking Care Of Your Baby At Home Is A Challenge? - Danalac® Infant Formula, Baby Cereals, Baby Biscuits Manufacturing Company
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baby care challenge Infant Formula


Do you think that taking care of your baby at home is a challenge?


Wait until you must go out home. Feeding, changing, and soothing your infant when you’re away from home requires plenty of preparation and a well packed diaper bag. Remember that the younger the baby is, the more well-stocked the bag must be.


Here you have a check list to be sure you never forget anything:


  • – a change of clothes for your baby (and an extra shirt for you)
  • – an infant hat with a brim, sunblock
  • – a receiving blanket
  • – a burp cloth
  • – bottles (with infant formula and hot water)
  • – plenty of diapers, diaper-rash cream and a small package of wipes
  • – a changing pad (usually comes with the bag)
  • – hand sanitize
  • – pacifiers
  • – her favorite plush toy or comfort object
  • – plastic bags for dirty clothes and diapers


Have you pack everything? Enjoy your day out!