What great celebration

Holidays have greater meanings when there is a baby in the house

Santa Claus or sweets, he is part of the celebration

Holidays take on greater meaning when there is a baby in the house.


Although your baby is too little to ask about gifts, Santa Claus, or sweets, he is part of the celebration.


He will hear tinker bells, songs, and prayers.


He will see the lights and smell the pleasant aromas of special meals cooked in these days.


Holidays could become a party to the baby’s senses.


You can include your baby in the celebrations in many different ways. Such as dressing him with special clothes or customs to take pictures and use them as greeting cards.


You can get help from the baby to decorate the house or create new traditions with him.


Enjoy the holidays and take a lot of pictures, you will enjoy them with your baby in your whole life!

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