Spoiling Your Baby or Giving Attention

Will picking up your baby when she cries, spoil her?

Is this statement true? Will we spoil our baby?

Spoiling Your Baby

Spoiling Your Baby


New parents have to listen to this a lot of times in their new life as parents: “Don’t pick up the baby as soon as she cries, or you will spoil her.” Is this statement true? Will we spoil our baby?


During the first three months, you must pick up the baby as soon as she cries, because the baby needs to feel safe and taken care of.


This is how babies develop trust. After 3 months, you can wait to pick up, trying to soothe her in other ways and giving her the chance of calming down by her own.


By 9 months, babies start to recognize that they get attention with crying, so try to guess if she truly needs help or if she is just looking for attention.


This is especially important at bedtime if you want to encourage independent sleeping, you can simply waving her or speak softly instead of getting her out of the crib in your arms.

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