toys our children

In these days, most parents wonder how many presents and toys our children will receive and if it is good for them having so many things…


A wonderful way to avoid the great number of things is to give experiences instead of gifts.


You can adapt the experience depending on the age of the kids, for example:


  • Going to enjoy a show with all the family, there are a lot of options depending on children’s age
  • Family memberships for attractions for all a year… You will enjoy the zoo or the aquarium all the year.
  • Spent a day doing a special activity: horse riding, painting pottery, cooking classes, a theme park… All depends on your preferences.
  • A special trip for all family: a weekend on the beach, or on the snow, or, why not? Enjoying a fan experience altogether.


Whatever you choose, it will be a big day, and you will get a lot of pictures and memories of special moments.