First weeks of your baby’s life

My newborn has cold hands and feet

During the first weeks of your baby’s life

First weeks of your baby’s life

First weeks of your baby’s life


During the first weeks of your baby’s life, you will notice that his hands and feet are cold.


Before wrapping your little one in another blanket or put him another layer of clothes, feel his torso.


If it’s warm and pink, your baby isn’t chilled.


Hands and feet are cold because your baby’s circulatory system is still developing and blood is shunted more often to organs and systems where it’s needed the most.


His hands and feet are the last body parts to get a good blood supply, so, until his circulation is completely adapted to life outside the womb, it’s common for his tiny fingers and toes to feel chilly and look pale.


As your baby becomes more mobile and active, his circulation will improve and his hands and feet will bet the same temperature than the rest of his body.

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