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**Made in Europe**

Danalac Infant Formula is Dana Dairy's Flagship Product

Danalac Infant Formula is Dana Dairy’s Flagship Product

Partner with DANA and help us distribute our highly demanded baby food products in your market.

We are eagerly looking to enter a long-term business relationship with an established or potential importer of baby food products and goods in your country, territory, or region.  If you or your company is an importer of food or pharmaceutical items with a considerable market-reach, this may be a one-time opportunity to add a valuable and unique item to your line of products with a vast and ever-growing market demand.

Our flagship product is DANALAC Infant Formula – a powerful 3-stage infant milk supplement for newborn babies up to three years of age.  Depending on your type of target market, this item could either be offered at pharmacies and drugstores or simply provided on store shelves where baby food items are sold.

This is a rare opportunity for a long-lasting business relationship with a progressive developer and manufacturer of baby food items.   To enter this partnership opportunity with us you will need to be able to make an initial investment or provide financial backing for importation and distribution of goods into your country.


Baby face and Danalac Infant Formula

Baby face and Danalac Infant Formula

DANALAC Infant Formula

A Complete Solution for Healthy Growth of Children

While mother’s milk remains to be the number one source of nutrition for newborns, there are many instances where breastfeeding may not be possible or sufficient.  DANALAC comes to help by filling the gap and providing all the nutrients baby’s well-being and growth requires.

DANALAC Infant Formula is a creamy powder that is mixed with water.  The mixture is then bottle-fed to the child.  The formula is developed and manufactured under the supervision of doctors and baby nutrition specialists in Europe to ensure that the required quality and standards are met.  The product comes in three types for three different phases of baby’s growth with specific configuration for that period of child’s life.

DANALAC is a registered trademark of Dana Dairy Group.  We are a major producer and provider of infant formula and other nutritional products specifically made for newborns and children of very young age.  Our baby food items are produced in Europe conforming to all the European Union regulations and guidelines.

DANALAC is made under careful and professional supervision of doctors and baby nutrition specialists carrying many years of experience in the field.  This ensures that products that we produce match our high standards and values.  We value our business relationships and strive to meet the high expectations of our partners and end consumers.

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Danalac Display Rack For Stores

Danalac Display Rack For Stores

DANALAC Infant Formula is for you.  Take the next step to introduce our brand in your market.  We love to hear from you.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details and discussion of possibilities and options.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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    Danalac is a brand product of DANA Dairy, a major producer and provider of various milk products to the world’s market. Through the years, we have come to take pride in the quality of our products and the way we do business. We are proud to have been able to cater drinking milk, milk powders, various cheese, butter, ice cream powders, and many other dairy items to the world industrial and consumer markets.

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