When baby start crawling?

Baby crawling happen around 7 months of age, but it depends on their own development.

When Will My Baby Start To Crawl?


When will my baby start to crawl?


The moment in which your baby will start to crawl may be different from the one of another baby because for it is necessary that your baby’s sense of balance improves and that your baby muscles are strong enough. This strength comes from having had several experiences in different positions. It will happen around 7 months of age, but it depends on their own development.


“Crawling” means different things, there are as many possibilities as babies. The usual way of crawling is on hands and knees, but some babies, for example, push their hands against the floor and scoot on her bottom. The first attempts probably don’t work and this is because, as everything, to be good at crawling takes a while.


When a baby crawls, he or she begins to move alone. The baby learns to move independently and to solve little problems that appear in his or her way.


Now, it’s the moment to be sure that your house is safe for the baby.

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